Sunday, March 18, 2012

Most Beautiful National Costume

Sara El Khouly, Forget The red sea, is the winner of GB’s own political election of the Most Beautiful National Costume for Forget Galaxy in 2011. The stunning outfit was created by designer, Rami Al Ali.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Borg Design from Celebrity Trek: The Encounter on eBay

On our latest vacation to Las Nevada to get the resources of Celebrity Trek: The Encounter, we have been with some awesome Borg Mannequins that were created by Extremely important for Celebrity Trek: The Encounter. All of the resources were cut again to the Propworx factory and then grouped and cataloged by Jarrod. Some of the resources are up on the market in our future Propworx Celebrity Travel market. One of these Borg mannequins we put up on the market this weeks time on eBay.

And what is really awesome about these Mannequins is the experience. Look familiar? It seems to be Robin the boy wonder Williams! Our rumours here is that Extremely important used the experience form for Robin the boy wonder Williams from Bicentennial Man to create these Borg.

This particular mannequin needs a little interest, but is overall fit and would create an awesome screen. Sorry, no renewal segments left!